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In July 1995, the horrific war in Bosnia-Herzegovina had been raging for three long, dreadful years. Then the world looked on in renewed horror as the Muslim town of Srebrenice was overrun by the Serbs. The merciless onslaught was conducted with overwhelming force against Muslim defenders denied arms, ammunition, and even adequate food supplies, by the blockade imposed by Britain, the USA and Russia.

A blockade that, we must never forget, was deliberately, and cynically, designed to deprive only the Bosnian Muslims of the ability to defend themselves, with the, subsequently admitted, aim of enabling the Christian Serbs and Croats to carve up Bosnia-Herzegovina between them, thereby preventing forever the emergence of a Muslim state in Europe. The Muslims were to be abandoned to the same Crusader mentality that has invariably led to mass murder, torture, mass rape, and even cannibalism and slavery, whenever Christian forces have conquered Muslims.

So it was in Srebrenice. As they had the length and breadth of Bosnia, the Serbs repeatedly raped the Muslim women, and even girls well below the age of puberty. They slaughtered all the men, women, children, old men and old women they could lay their hands on, slitting throats and disembowelling Muslims, in ways they would never dream of doing to animals, in a frenzy of unholy Christian passion. And all with the zealous approval of the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church.

When Britain and the USA finally admitted the failure of their manifestly corrupt and unjust strategy to quash the "Islamic Peril" in Europe, and finally reined in their Christian terrorist accomplices (the Serbs and Croats), - just as the Muslims were beginning to gain the upper hand on the battlefield - Britain and the USA returned to their well-practised and customary strategy: speak honeyed words publicly, and sow corruption and injustice stealthily - a Machiavellian practice that is at the very heart of modern Judeo-Christian culture.

They vowed to help build a strong Bosnian state, while undermining the Islamic morality and legal basis upon which, alone, that strength might have been built (the truth is that they want a weak, corruption-riddled, servile Bosnia, that will never be able, or even inclined, to promote the interests of Muslims in Europe).

They pledged to bring the Serbian and Croatian murderers and rapists and their leaders to trial, while instructing their ground forces not to arrest them (the truth is that they don't want the full extent of their covert support for the Serb and Croat terrorists ever to emerge - which it might, if Milosevic, Tudjman, Karadzic, Mladic and their like are put on trial).

They promised justice - appropriate punishment for those convicted of horrific crimes - while imposing a legal system that leaves endless loopholes through which criminals can escape, and instructing their judges to impose lenient sentences on the minority who are convicted (the truth is that, similarly to their past xenophobic attitude to American Indians, Australian Aborigines, African Negroes, and a host of other groups of human beings of whom they disapprove, in the modern Judeo-Christian mentality, "the only good Muslim is a dead Muslim", so killing and abusing Muslims are not such terrible crimes. Compare the three year jail term imposed on one of the Serb butchers of Srebrenice, who has himself confessed to slaughtering at least 75 unarmed men, women and children, with the numerous death sentences imposed at Nuremberg for similar war crimes in the Second World War; or with the life sentence, without parole, imposed by an American court on the elderly, frail, and blind, Sheikh Omer Abderrahmane for allegedly inciting a terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre in New York).

Latterly, the Serbs have resumed their evil Crusade against Muslims in Kosova. Once again, Muslims in Europe are dying horribly, being tortured and abused, driven from their homes in terror, and hunted like animals.

Britain and the USA have loudly declared that they have "learnt the lessons of Bosnia". Indeed they have: - not this time any international recognition of the indisputable moral right of the Kosovans to self-determination (as with the Chechens, whose rights have been similarly denied, abused and trampled because they are Muslims oppressed by Christians). That would require the United Nations to intervene on the side of a Muslim nation against a Christian nation, which Britain, the USA, Russia and France will never allow; - not this time any clumsy strategem aimed at leaving the Muslims defenceless. Instead, the Muslims are blamed, more loudly than the Serbs, for prolonging the conflict by seeking to defend themselves and free themselves from brutal oppression, while covertly denying them access to anti-tank or heavy weapons; - not this time any camera crews to record the horrors of the Serbs using heavy artillery against undefended towns and villages. That might arouse Western public opinion in favour of the Muslim Kosovans.

Bosnia, Chechnya, Kosova and Algeria have demonstrated clearly that Britain, the USA, Russia and France are unwilling to support the interests and welfare of Muslim peoples. Indeed, they are prepared, regardless of the rights and wrongs of the situation, actively to promote the interests and welfare of non-Muslim - especially nominally Christian - peoples over those of Muslims, covertly if not overtly.

The imperative, now, is for Muslim peoples everywhere to heed Al-laah's words, lay aside sectarian, national, tribal and all other divisions, and to forge a Muslim Commonwealth of Nations for mutual support and protection, as Al-laah has advised us, "Hold fast, all of you together, to the rope of Al-laah, & be not divided among yourselves, & remember Al-laah's favour on you, for you were enemies one to another but He joined your hearts together, so that, by His grace, you became brethren." (Aali Imraan, 103).

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