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Pictures speak for themselves

Our thinking on the tragedy of Kosova must be well-thought out. There is a group in America which has a slavish mentality towards the U.S. government. As soon as the U.S. government does something seemingly friendly towards Muslims, this group starts issuing support statements for the U.S. government. This group's activities seriously mislead the Muslims during the tragedy of Bosnia but instead of learning a lesson, this group is again engaged in the same slavish behavior.

News reports agree that a large Serb military force is in Kosova carrying out genocidal actions, burning villages and uprooting the population. The Serb military action had caused massive suffering BEFORE NATO intervened. Nothing was done to pre-empt the Serb action. Now, during the NATO action, the Serb military has stepped up its actions inside Kosova. Tens of thousands of people have fled. The total number of refugees is now 500,000.

Thus the NATO action has not saved and will not save Kosova. We know how the process works from the way it went in Bosnia. After the Kosovars have been devastated and made dependent on international charity, the U.S. perhaps will be able to "stop the slaughter." The Kosovars are actually being sacrificed to give America the excuse to intervene. THE US INTERVENTION

The attack on Serbia is still very mild. Only 40 missiles have been fired (as compared to 400 fired at Iraq in one night.) I hope the U.S. continues to attack and I hope the Serbs fight back. Thus if the U.S. gets seriously involved in military conflict in Yugoslavia, the Muslim world will get some respite. The Serbs deserve punishment. Their forces are butchers and mass murderers. Perhaps they will be punished in this action and get something of what they deserve.

The U.S. is getting involved owing to three important strategic reasons: 1. TO CLAIM FRIENDSHIP FOR MUSLIMS and DIVIDE ARAB FROM NON-ARAB MUSLIMS: The pro-Israeli policies of the U.S. have alarmed the Muslim world. The attacks on Iraq alienated Muslims in America and around the world. The support for tyrannical regimes like those of Algeria, Egypt and Jordan and the attack- plus-sanctions on Sudan alienated Islamic groups. Now with U.S. support for Kosova: i. Puppet U.S. regimes (like Bahrain and Saudi Arabia) will be able to tell their people that U.S. is not against Muslims. ii. The non-Arabs will feel that US hostility to Arab Musims is not proof that the U.S. is against Muslims.

2. GREECE and TURKEY ARE BOTH MEMBERS OF NATO. Also they have historic mutual animosity. The U.S. feels that if the Kosova tragedy overflows (into Macedonia, Albania, etc.) the effects could be felt in Turkey and Greece. If the Greeks and Turks fight, the entire US position on Russia's southern flank will be eroded if not destroyed. a. Turkey is also the US/Israeli bulwark against Islam and Arab Islamic power. If Turkey is drawn into Islam owing to tragic events in the Balkhans, the entire Israeli northern flank will be bare. 3. GEOPOLTICS OF YUGOSLAVIA: For more than 5 decades, Yugoslavia has been within the Russian sphere. Geopolitically the U.S. is gaining rapidly if it can gain a foothold in the area. Already there are 30,000 U.S. troops in Bosnia. If the same happens in Kosova, the U.S. will have outflanked Russia in the Balkans. Remember that Yeltsin is a passing phenemenon. The U.S. is very concerned about possible reversal of fortunes in Russia. The time is limited for the U.S. to make is gains. Hence it is moving fast.

THE WARSAW MODEL:During the Second World War, when the tide turned against Germany, the massive Soviet armies waited patiently on the east side of the Vistula river, outside Warsaw. Inside Warsaw, under the noses of the Soviets, the Germans wiped out the Polish resistance. Once the Poles had been crushed, the Soviets moved forward and "liberated" Warsaw. Poland was a Soviet puppet for decades tilll the Afghan Jihad weakened the Soviets. This Warsaw model is well understood by the U.S. and its allies. They followed its pattern in Bosnia and are now following it in Kosova.

We should spend our energies and efforts in mobilizing in getting Muslim nations to fight in Kosova. The U.S. says it is afraid to lose men on the ground. There are thousands in the Muslim world who would volunteer to go to Kosova. The governments of Muslim countries can push the U.S. to land Muslim troops in Kosova. If the U.S. does not cooperate, the facade of "caring for Muslims" will be blown.

Kaukab Siddique

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